1. "I like her. She makes life interesting. She, herself, is interesting, I suppose. She talks right from the heart. I appreciate her frankness and I like the fact that she doesn’t force the natural flow of a conversation. There’s personality in her words. She thus gets to the core of things and that’s important because with her — I can talk knowing that the talk is real! Oh believe me, it’s amazingly real! And she also gives me the opportunity to listen as fully and completely as possible. And I can’t seem to get her out of my head […]"
    — Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters
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  3. "I like getting older, I feel like I’m aging into my personality."
    — Nick Miller (via oliveandbruise)

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  7. "I love you
    Because you have done
    More than any creed
    Could have done
    To make me good
    And more than any fate
    Could have done
    To make me happy.
    You have done it
    Without a touch,
    Without a word,
    Without a sign.
    You have done it
    By being yourself.
    Perhaps that is what
    Being a friend means,
    After all."
    — Love, Roy Croft (via pureblyss)

  8. "When I’m old and gray, I want to have a house by the sea. And paint. With a lot of wonderful chums, good music, and booze around. And a damn good kitchen to cook in."
    — Ava Gardner  (via thatkindofwoman)

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  9. Always Weezer. Always.

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  11. "May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."
    — Nelson Mandela  (via awelltraveledwoman)

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  12. Want.

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    peekaboo is essentially just making fun of babies for not understanding object permanence 

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  14. "That is salvation. To give of love inside. To keep love of life, no matter what, and give to others. Generously."
    — Sylvia Plath, The Journals of Sylvia Plath (via thewordsofsylviaplath)

  15. "You are still on your own; be stoic; don’t panic; get through this hell to the generous sweet overlowing giving love of spring."
    — Sylvia Plath, The Journals of Sylvia Plath (via thewordsofsylviaplath)